i don’t rumpus enough

“And now,” cried Max, “let the wild rumpus start!” 
— the prophet Sendak

I have a horrible confession. I have become obsessed with v02 max.

I have no idea what vo2 max is. Maximum amount of oxygen that can be used during intense exercise blah blah fluffy zzzz. But as I’ve worried that not enough oxygen is my problem with running, that seems like a Useful Number.

My Garmeeeeen computes it at no extra charge, but I’m skeptical. How can a watch know what my oxygen usage is? But then I’ve never understood how Panda Express knows which fortune is mine (you suck! yes, you!) so I suppose there must be a way.

My watch says my vo2 max is 36. It then adds diplomatically that that’s in the top 40 percent for my age and gender. Which I’m thinking works out to me having the worst vo2 max for anybody who’s actually upright and conscious. Not that I’m always upright and conscious when running.

On the bright side, it’s gone up in the last year, which maybe means I’m showing improvement, and the Garmeeeen isn’t just making stuff up.

Today felt better again. 41:03 (13:14-137) mad dog, which is both a mad dog record and only a second slower than my best race in the YoF. And it didn’t feel too hard, so maybe.

Today’s lesson: When you’re running through the middle of a pro frisbee golf tournament, don’t helpfully pick up a frisbee and trot it over to the owner. I’m guessing they’ll be aiming for me tomorrow.

What’s the number to watch when running? Time? Splits? Average heart rate? vo2 max? Beats me. I’m just running a little below the spot where I burst into flames and hoping for the best.

I guess the bottom line is just run. Avoid frisbees. And never forget there’s always time for  a little wild rumpus …


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