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The Great Flower Ankle Sweatband Experiment of 2018 ©

If you’re going to San Francisco be sure to wear a flower on your ankle — the prophet Scott McKenzie Longtime readers know I’m a student of running. OK, I’m the student who sits in the back row catching up … Continue reading

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mo sheppo’s guide to painting

Always hold the brush in your mouth and paint with your fingers. Yes, this is also how she eats spaghetti.

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or maybe it was just Pochero

No one likes us I don’t know why We may not be perfect But heaven knows we try — the prophet Newman The facts as we know them: ▷ I was involved in a plot to mail a Day-Glo Orange Lightweight … Continue reading

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i bet rupp will be wearing these at prague

Friday on the track. Which is still open. It’s just me and the Fast Guy Who Runs in Lane 9. As running companions go, he’s OK. Mile repeats, blue Gatorade and Rockstar combo during the breaks. Tattoos on both calves, … Continue reading

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I need to get my bearings I’m lost And the shadows keep on changing — the prophet poe If you’re going to run on the track during the off-season, you must be prepared to do some shoveling. And so I … Continue reading

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Lilypads are overrated

Here’s the thing. You never know. Mo and I are out on an emergency frame-buying mission. Don’t ask. On the way back, we stop by the track. Because, well, you never know. I might have mentioned that. And it’s open. … Continue reading

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p.s. the train had 91 cars

“I’ve been sniffed.” — mo sheppo I’m still not sure what I think of Flagstaff. Is it home? Or just a place to build a snowman when it’s 100 in Phoenix? We talked about it a lot while driving up … Continue reading

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