brothers, part 9

we’re sitting on the porch, just rick and me. the bridesmaids are bridesmaiding, mo and june are off in search of burgers.

it’s a warm day in oregon; a light breeze makes the giant sunflower in front of the porch sway back and forth. rick’s napping off and on. i’m reading a book i’m not sure if i like or not, even though i’ve almost finished. a wind chime is playing what may or may not be muskrat love.

this is exactly how i always thought we’d spend the third act. a couple of old guys in comfy chairs enjoying each other’s company on a perfect afternoon. desperados waiting for a metaphorical train.

for one summer day, that’s the way it is.

one day’s not enough.

but it’s all we have.

sunflowers die. but that doesn’t make you love them any less.

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