shoes, part 2

If you spend a bunch of years running, you gradually learn what works for you. No matter how many good things you read about one shoe or how much someone else likes another, it’s all a matter of what works best on your feet.

After spending exactly $328,650,92.45 (plus shipping) over the years, I’m left with these shoes. Each is pretty close to perfect for my running.

The shoes in my current rotation are:

▮ One pair on New Balance 110s. This is one of my favorite shoes forever, long since discontinued. I pull them out when I need rock plates. And what’s the point of life if you never need rock plates?

▮ Four pairs of NB Zantes in various versions. This has become my go-to shoe. The perfect combination of lightness and comfort is diminished only by a name that makes it sound like the Marx Brothers’ less successful brother.

▮ One pair of Hoka Clifton 3s. Because everyone needs a pair of orange clown shoes. Besides, Moose is an ambassador.

▮ One pair of New Balance 1400s. I hoped these would work as Piranhas. I run in them every now and then hoping. It never works.

▮ Two pairs of Asics Piranhas. Three, if you count the old ones I wear as Real People shoes. Four, if you count the one shoe that must have another one around here somewhere but beats the hell out of me where it is. Five, if you count the beloved shoes sealed in the Tupperware container. WARNING: DO NOT take them out of the Tupperware container.

I have an unlimited supply of shoes. Now if I could only run …

TODAY’S RUN: 3 miles, 43:36 (14:26-126). The track is off limits during football season, so I tossed balls that had gone over the fence back to the field goal kickers and gave the guy testing the scoreboard the thumbs-up. I think I’m on the team now. Problem solved. Looking forward to my first concussion.

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  1. gary says:

    Hi. I wish I knew what the right shoe was, but everyone’s feet, and preferences, are different. Wide feet vs. narrow feet, high arches vs. low arches, lots of cushion vs. little cushion, motion control vs. neutral … the only way I know to find the right shoe is to try a bunch on till you find the one that feels right. I think the best way is to go to a store that specializes in running, get the help of a smart employee, and try/compare shoes till you find what works. Kind of a pain, but worth it. Sorry.

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