boris the bat boy

Ma was a big conspiracy theorist. Too much free time led her to internet wackos pitching all sorts of dastardly deeds foisted upon the unsuspected public. Her hands-down favorite: Chemtrails. A plot by mysterious forces to poison us with chemicals, or something to that effect.

I must admit I went blah blah fluffy when she would launch into her filibusters. Ma was super creative and a lot of fun, and I was never sure if she meant it or was just amusing herself by watching me suffer. Still, chemtrail discussions kept her from launching into her other favorite topic, Boris the Bat Boy. A win of sorts, I suppose.

I was sitting on the bench at the track trying to pretend today’s run was a good idea when I saw them. The sky was painted with contrails, streaks of white across a pale blue sky.

Military exercises? Random flights on a Sunday morning? Maybe.

Or maybe Ma just wanted to say hello. Hard to say. Boris the Bat Boy was nowhere to be seen on the track.

Fastest 5k so far in the Year of Fleshman. Felt OK.

Thanks for stopping by, Ma. I miss you …

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