allbirds are not created equal

As an Internet Influencer ©, with almost a dozen followers (at least three of them actual people), i take my responsibility seriously in presenting new products. And I can honestly say the Allbird Tree Toppers are one of them. Or possibly two.

I will say up front that they sent me the shoes for free, plus $115 for shipping and handling, but that in no way influences my review. Which is this.

I like them. They’re sort of purple, which doesn’t really go with anything, but then neither do I. They’re high-toppish, which serves no apparent purpose, so I assume I’m making a fashion statement. That statement being “look at the weird guy in purple high-toppish shoes.”

And they’re Allbirds, so they’re environmentally friendly. I figure the planet could use all the friends it can get these days.

But have they made me a better runner? Maybe. I wore them yesterday while working, and today’s run was significantly faster even though I was wearing my usual New Balance Beacons. Coincidence? Or the cosmic power of laces recycled from plastic bottles? Or maybe just because I didn’t run yesterday. Damn New Jersey early snow deadlines.

So there you have it. Allbird Tree Toppers. Run faster. Save the planet. Look like Barney the Dinosaur. Taco Tuesday. Hot dog bun. My sister’s a nun.

Whew. Being an Internet Influencer © is a lot of work.

The End.

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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