brothers, part 19

act 1: it’s late. they’re listening to beethoven, which seems odd until you think about how beethoven lost his most crucial sense and persevered. the pup that the older brother rescued from death on the ballinger farm sits in his lap. he gives the younger brother the stop taking my photo look.

it’s a peaceful evening, the kind the waltons would have enjoyed if they had access to spotify and klondike bars. end scene; dim lights.

act 2: they’re at the table drinking coffee the next morning. you look worried, she says. I AM worried, he replies. You don’t have to worry, she assures him. Yes, you have to worry about me tickling you, the younger brother says.

As he is being tickled, the older brother returns fire, targeting the younger’s most ticklish spots. they laugh and laugh.

and then they hug and hug. the younger brother realizes then that it will be ok. they’ll just spend the rest of their days as mischievous 6 year olds. and as he recalls, they were pretty great 6 year olds. this will be fun. end scene; dim lights.

act 3: The younger brother gets in his car, downs the first of 37 cups of coffee and heads into the sunset. he sits in a rest area solidly in the middle of nowhere and thinks about life and love and dreamboat annie. he starts up the car again and heads for pecos. they always liked pecos.

and of course, they lived happily ever after. they were brothers.

end play; dim lights; curtain.

wild applause, lights up, deep curtsy.

lights down again. house lights up.

the end.

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