marriage yin/yang

Yin: Mo completely wrecks her back. She’s unable to walk, move or think. She lies on the floor, totally immobile, in unspeakable pain. She can’t get up, and moves from room to room only in a slow crawl. Her life is in total misery, and there’s nothing I can do to help her, other than making an extra effort not to accidentally step on her.

Yang: While struggling along in agony on all fours, her nose just a few inches from the floor, she spots my wedding ring, which has been lost forever, in the corner of the closet in the hall. It had fallen off my finger, but I had no idea where. We have been searching for it to no avail for months. Were she not crippled, we would have never found it. Mystery solved, and just before our anniversary! All is right with the world.

Funny how life always works out just fine.

Yes, I am destined to be killed in my sleep someday. I hope she doesn’t hurt her back while doing it.

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