Review: New Balance Beacon vs. Hoka Carbon X

I have been rotating these shoes, pausing only to allow them to be serenaded by a plaster frog. So which one is better?

New Balance Beacon: An incredible shoe. It’s light, breathable, extremely comfortable. There’s plenty of room in the toe box. It offers an amazing amount of cushion, but not in a mushy way. I still feel the surface I’m running on, but my knees don’t. Short runs, long runs, runs that go on rocks. Fast runs, slow runs, even runs with chicken pox. I couldn’t be happier with these shoes. I’m on my third pair and may buy a storage room to stockpile more.

Hoka One One Carbon X: Mo drew cats on top of the shoes. They watch me when I run, which amuses me greatly.

The winner: Duh. Clearly, the Hokas. Never question a cat. They’ll kill you in your sleep. Plus, they only cost 180 bucks. How can they make them so cheap? And Walmsley is cute as a button. So there’s that.

Glad I could help.

Next week: Armour hot dogs vs. the KAVU solar hat.

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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