TGAEo2019 Day 2

There was a senator — I think it was after my pancreatic cancer —
who announced with great glee that I was going to be dead
within six months. “That senator, whose name
I have forgotten, is now himself dead,
and I am very much alive.”
— Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
said with a smile

Dear Notorious RBG:

Hi. I hope you’re feeling better. I read today you’re under the weather again. I’m sorry this stuff keeps happening to you and cuts into time better spend tweaking Kavanaugh’s nose. They say the treatment went well, so fingers crossed and candle burning bright.

I just finished Day 2 of my science experiment. My oncologist says not eating for five days could be the cure for cancer. Although I wish he had said eating a Medium Chocolate Frosty daily was the cure, I’m giving it a try. At least he didn’t make me take up mountain biking.

Today wasn’t so bad. My body seems to have accepted going without anything for a while. And it turns out coffee is OK, so I’m looking for a three-day buzz from this point. It’s an interesting experiment. I hope it goes well so I can do it semi-regularly. Between Medium Chocolate Frosties.

I was dreading the trip to the store today. I was picking up groceries for our pal Char, who turns 90 next month. She was getting Hershey Kisses and Milano chocolate cookies, and I thought those would be hard to resist. Would she notice if there was a small hole in the bag and half were missing? What can you expect from a free delivery guy. But it was easy. “You can’t have it all, all at once,” you once said. I think I get it. So I’ll plow along with no chocolate for a few more days, hoping for myself and for you.

I look to you as a guiding light. You’ve had so many rounds with cancer now, and you keep kicking its ass.  The only apparent drawback was canceling your yearly trip to Santa Fe. Please know I’ll be driving through New Mexico on my way to Texas tomorrow on your behalf. Let me know if you want some mocassins from the curio store near Las Cruces.

I know you can’t live forever, but please try your best to outlive me. I’d hate to live in a world without you.  So many more Republican senators to outlive.

Feel better soon,
your fan gary

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