TGAEo2019 Day 3

Mo’s Uncle David is perhaps the coolest guy on the planet not named Clooney. And that Clooney fellow has an unfair advantage,  given that he had a recurring role on “The Facts of Life.”

Ask David sometime about the rocket through the chair in Vietnam. And never forget that he went to work for Microsoft back in the early days when it was just called “Soft” (they hadn’t figured out yet how to make it micro.)

He’s sort of a genius, in a low key Seattle way. And as such, he came up with the perfect solution to my dilemma. The Medium Chocolate Frosty Control Test.

The idea is cunningly simple. I finish the five day fast, and then go directly to the Frosty a Day for Five Days test. This means that if the cancer test after this produces positive results, we won’t know with certainty whether it was the result of fasting or the Frosty. Thus, anytime we do one, we will have to do the other. Plus, alliteration. Fasting and Frosty. So much catchier than carrot and stick. And I don’t like carrots.

How did this guy never get a guest spot on “Big Bang Theory”? Or “Facts of Life”? Life is not fair.

Day 3 was a breeze. 850 mile drive kept me busy. it’s easy not to think about food under a constant barrage of semis and oil trucks. And the caffeine withdrawal symptoms seemed to go away after the third cup of coffee! Cooncidence? Beats me. I’m not a Microsoft alum.

Maybe it’s all a state of mind. If you can just tell yourself food is not an option, then it’s not. Seems like the key is limiting the bombardment of ads and displays luring you like crack dealers. You don’t realize how pervasive they are till they’re off the table.

Just two more days, and word on the streets is things become easier. A sense of mental clarity that I haven’t had since second grade. Damn model airplane glue.

On the other hand, Cheerios never looked so good. Maybe I’ll sprinkle some on my Frosty when I get there.

Anyhow, thanks for the idea, Uncle David. I hope that Microsoft company ended up making a profit. And thanks for that life credo: Never stay in your chair too long. You never know what’s coming.

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