TGAEo2019, the end

We need pie.
— Agent K

The last day of the fast was a little dicey. Luckily, I’m normally incoherent, so it doesn’t seem to make a noticeable difference.

It was 107 here today, and being from Phoenix we’re not used to the heat. When the going gets hot, the Smith Boys go to the mall for their daily walk.

The San Angelo mall opened in 1979. It was a big deal back then, when malls were new and exciting.

I had my first Chick-fil-A sandwich there, back before I knew their politics. My girlfriend got a gig as manager of the running shoe store to lure me with discounts. It worked.

I saw the running movie there that inspired me to jump to long distances, and Neil Young’s Rust Never Sleeps in a totally empty theater. I asked if they could turn up the volume. They blasted me.

It was the community center, a place where people went to hang out. It was like a second home.

The mall is still in business these days, a smattering of stores and even fewer customers. But the geography is the same, the turns and corners and smells. It was a nice walk down memory lane. Bonus: Mo got to participate in her first rodeo. Rock seemed to enjoy it.

Today was was hard. I felt dizzy and lethargic and ready for things to be over. And then they were.

We went to a taco shop. I had one breakfast taco and a couple of nachos and I was done. Maybe eating is overrated.

Upside: The fast was easier than I thought it would be. I think I can do it two or three times a year. Downside: I sorta like food. Tough habit to break.

Life lesson: Everything changes. Malls, life, health, Neil Young. But maybe Mr. Young missed that one. Burning out isn’t that great. Fading away works fine with me. Hey hey, my my.

I could use a piece of pie.

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1 Response to TGAEo2019, the end

  1. Moose says:

    Congratulations Gary! I like eating too much to try these shenanigans…
    What’s the name of that running movie you watched back then? Thanks.

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