once in a pink moon

She was a frail 90-year-old, forced into seclusion because of the fear of a looming virus that would be a certain death sentence if they met up one day.

But then.

She stepped outside and looked up. The moon was enormous, lighting the sky in a way that reminded her of how immense the universe is, of how we’re just a tiny part of it, that sometimes you have to stop and smell the cactus blooms and admire a supermoon, risks be damned. What’s the point of life without taking a few chances?

For a fleeting moment under a magical sky on the edge of the desert, she was a child again.

And then, she went back into her self-imposed prison to resume her quarantine.

But the moon’s glow was still shining in her eyes.

About gary

no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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