rbg and me

“Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.”
— Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Today was the first day of training. I wrote a hilarious spoof on the new road shoes and how they performed on the trail, and then sat back to wait for the glowing responses to my cleverness.

And then.

RBG just died, Mo said.

Today’s outing was horrible. It was 105 and I think I was suffering borderline heat stroke. I was near collapsing, my vision went out shortly after I stopped, and I haven’t felt right since.

But it’s nothing at all compared to the pain I’m feeling over the death of someone I never even knew.

The worst? Her life will be lost in a frenzy of politics. People from both sides will fret over what happens next. Me? I no longer care.

I’m thinking about what happened last. Her courage, her relentless pursuit of a better world. The loss of such a good soul. One step at a time, she wisely said. That’s all we can do these days. One step at a time.

Today was my first day of training.

And I don’t even care.

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