mr. pants’ guide to setting a PR

No matter what the distance is,
I will be with you.
No matter what the distance is,
you’ll be OK.
— Wolfgang Van Halen

You’re getting slower by the day. You’re running on a loop around a pond with turtles, and the turtles are consistently lapping you. You have no real hope of ever getting faster.

How can you possibly set a new personal record under these conditions?

Easy. Make up a new loop  on Strava!

And that’s how the Big Bird Loop was born. It’s like the Bird Loop, only bigger. I entered the segment in Strava last night, and today, THREE NEW RECORDS!!!!!

Granted, there all over 15 minutes per mile, the benchmark for a decent 5k. And sure, I was passed by a woman pushing a pug in a baby stroller. But still.

IT’S A PR!!!

All I have to do is create a new loop each day for the rest of my life to keep the PRs coming. Downside: A lot of work. Upside: Might not be that long.

No matter what the distance is, I’ll be OK.

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