a christmas classic

you probably had to be there. 2013.

Little Runner Boy

Run, they told me. I don’t want to run.
A Jingle Bell 5K I don’t want to run.
It’s only 30 bucks; it’s sure to be fun.
Go join the other schmucks
who don’t want to run
don’t want to run
don’t want to run.
Though I signed up,
I don’t want to run.
This won’t be fun.

Little babies who don’t want to run
are clogging up my course with parents who run
It is a a 5K race for people who run
but measures 2.6 and bothers no one
the sooner you’re done,
the more you’ll have fun.
Non-refundable, so move along, son.
Let others run.

Then I finished my Jingle Bell Run
The ox and lamb kept time,
which seemed kind of dumb
They cannot work the clock that’s timing my run
They have no finger
or opposable thumbs
opposable thumbs
opposable thumbs.
In the chutes I barfed my eggnog and rum
In the Jingle Bell Run.

Run they told me; I don’t want to run
a Jingle Bell Run.

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