conversations with my doctor, part 4

“Life is hard, honey. Everyone finds a way.”
Carla in “Everything, Everything” by Nicole Yoon

Doctor: Hey. How’s the chemo treating you?

Me: I enjoy it a lot. I may continue it on a recreational basis after we’re done. Do you think it’s possible to buy Obinutuzumab on the street?

Doctor (looking at new doctor who’s shadowing him): In all my years, nobody has ever said that to me. Figures it’s him.

New doctor: Confused look.

Doctor: So how are you feeling? Are you running or is this sidelining you?

Me: Oh, shuffling along. Still slow, but I’m feeling better.

Doctor: What shoes are those?

Me: Altra Escalante.

Doctor: Do you like them?

Me: They’re OK. Mostly I like saying “Altra Escalante.”

Doctor: These are the old Brooks Cascadias. Beat to hell. Look at this hole!

Me: Just getting them broken in.

New doctor: Wondering what the hell.

Me: The new doctor is wearing Allbirds, world’s coolest shoes. Super light, environmentally friendly. I like her already.

Doctor to new doctor: Oh, god. Another minimalist. Do you run?

New doctor (embarrassed): No, but I do other stuff.

Doctor: Makes mental note to flunk her.

Doctor to me: Well, it’s good you’re still running, even if you’re getting passed by little girls. And I’m not knocking little girls. In my one and only marathon, I got passed in the last quarter mile on the track we were finishing on by a girl. Went out at 6-minute pace, backed off, picked it up again at 18, and then died at the end. And there she was.

Me: Yeah, when I asked my roommate what his goal was in his first 8k back in 1980 ,he said he had no particular time in mind; only that there was no way any girls would beat him. He never said that again.

New doctor: Ponders career change.

Doctor: Well, your numbers look good. Let’s keep doing what we’re doing. See you next month.

Me: Sounds good.

New doctor: Begins mentally writing resignation letter. Or planning marathon training.

I love my oncologist. Life is hard. But we’re finding a way.


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4 Responses to conversations with my doctor, part 4

  1. I love your blogs. Keep finding a way.
    From Asics, Brooks and Under Armour wearer – depending on the mood
    Hertfordshire, England.

  2. unironedman says:

    Fab as always. I’m a saddo when it comes to moving on old runners. Seems harsh to just toss them on the heap. So I put them all in the shed on top of a shelf and let nature take its course. They’re like children (well, okay, when I run in them, they are like comrades at arms; now they are orphans…)

  3. Moose says:

    Life is hard indeed. But one way or another we keep fighting. Thank you Gary.

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