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my new roommate

“Every day there was something new to mournand something old to celebrate:Civilization had learned this long agoand continued to remind us. Was that whatthe biker had meant? I moved toward the buffet table.”— Lorrie Moore, “Bark” — His name’s Elmo. … Continue reading

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things i wish i had said, part 92

“As soon as I realized there was no point in doing what I was doing, I felt like I could finally start in earnest.” — todd snider

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mr. pants’ guide to a delicious summer treat ©

Summer is here. Well, sort of. We live in Arizona,where summer never actually leaves. That can mean only one thing:Mr. Pants’ Guide to a Delicious Summer Treat @in six easy steps. 1. Peel one (1) banana.(Mr. Pants’ Banana Peeler © … Continue reading

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too loud to see

“And now, it — all of it — is too much. Too hot. Too bright to hear. Too loud to see. And with no way to turn it down, there is no sleep, nothing to stop the onslaught.”— Juliann Garey, … Continue reading

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