seriously. 100 mg of caffeine.

I pull onto the street from the apartment parking lot.

There’s a car behind me.

I’m in the right lane of a three-lane street. There’s not much traffic, but the car stays behind Me. Close. Too close.

I’m driving wayyyy below the speed limit. The other car could easily pass me. But it does not.

Two blocks later, I turn onto a side street and pull into a convenience store for gas. The other car also turn, and idles nearby.

I continue driving on the smaller road. I look in the rear-view mirror. the other car is still there.

I can’t think of anything I’ve done wrong. No confrontations, no driving transgressions, nothing to annoy another driver. and still, the car is just behind me.

Two miles later, I pull into the parking lot of the place where I have an appointment. I peek in the mirror. There is the car, 20 feet away.

I have to get out of the car for the appointment. I’m already late. My only weapons are a roll of duct tape and three double espresso Clif gels. I have never been in a fight. There are no witnesses around.

I go into the store. I talk with the people, I take a deep breath, and go outside.

The car is still there.

I walk up to the it. What choice did I have? I get inside. I smooch the driver. I leave my car at the shop to get new tires.

I worry about having left my double espresso Clif gels behind.

Life is all about context …

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