brothers, part 30

I was posting something on the evil Zuckerberg site about a crocheted armadillo, which of course led to a question about the racing soup ladle, which prompted me to look up an old post about its last whereabouts. Which led me to read two replies at the bottom by Brother the Elder.

There are two things you should know about my brother. One: He has always been kind of weird. Two: Hmmm. I guess there’s just one thing you should know.

He replied in Korean, of course. Our dad fought in the Korean War. At least he hung out in Japan and took a lot of shirtless photos. I assume Rick picked up a working knowledge of the language from that. I, however, didn’t, and was forced to rely on my good friend Bartholomew Google to translate.

This is what he wrote.

Followed by this, when I apparently didn’t respond in a timely fashion. OK, not at all. I get a lot of fan mail. Can’t possibly answer it all.

And now, I’m laughing and crying at the same time and wishing desperately that one of these messages would pop up again. Just one.

Sure, I’d still ignore it. But I’d appreciate it a lot more.

사랑해요, 형. 곧 봐요.

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