there is no dark side of the moon

Every year is getting shorter,
never seem to find the time
— george roger waters

■ Fifty years later, you set out to properly listen to Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” in an effort to re-live your misspent youth. The first time you heard it, you were floating around Ronny Lane’s living room, marveling at how you could reach out and feel the sound as it swirled around you. Time to experience that again.

■ You turn out the lights, body relaxed, mind enlightened, spirit at peace. It is dark, around midnight. You’re wearing headphones. The familiar introduction floats into your head. You listen intently to the subtleties totally lost during a casual listen. The music kicks in. You are entranced.

■ And then you promptly fall asleep.

■ Minutes later, you jump out of your seat when the alarm clocks all go off at once at 100 decibels halfway through side one of the album.

■ You promptly fall asleep again.

■ You wake up to some guy complaining about how the moon is all dark.

■ You turn on “Golden Girls” on Hallmark instead. Blanche is sleeping around.

■ You look forward to listening to “Animals” tomorrow night. Maybe you’ll make it past the pigs.

Misspent youth is wasted on the young …


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