the cursor blinked where her mind was

Some people were very excited
to care about Russia again.
Others were not going to do it
no matter what. Because above all else,
the Cold War had been embarrassing.

Not just the ideas, but the jeans.

— Patricia Lockwood, “No One Is Talking About This”

Having shown up late for work yesterday, BK arrived today at precisely 2:30 p.m., exactly making up for the time I had docked her yesterday.

Mo rewarded her with the good stuff. She may or may not have noticed the meds smuggled into it.

I gave her butter and jam from the pancakes Mo was inspired to make by a New York Times article on Plain Pancakes vs. Fancy Pants Pancakes. I assume ours were Fancy Pants ones because of the jam.

Sure, BK turned around and went back to bed as soon as the food was gone. But it’s MLK Day and technically a holiday, so she didn’t need to come in at all.

Still, I’m glad she did.

And yes, those WERE unfortunate jeans.

my two favorite chicks on the planet. And they haven’t changed at all in 17 years.

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