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which seidel are you on?

“If this whole running thing doesn’t work out, think I could make it as a ’90s hiphop B boy?”— the prophet molly seidel— The advantage of running in Flagstaff over South Scottsdale is that you get to have Beaver Street … Continue reading

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i once owned a chevy that i never drove to the levy

I met a girl who sang the bluesAnd I asked her for some happy newsBut she just smiled and turned away.— the prophet mclean— Longtime readers familiar with my readership of three will be startled to know I have an … Continue reading

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either you will or you won’t

Maybe the sun will shine todayThe clouds will roll awayMaybe I won’t be so afraid.I will understandEverything has its plan either way.— the prophet tweedy— And then, magically, you’re done with work for the week. No more hearbreak, no more … Continue reading

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Malcolm forecasted this flood

The sun is setting on the centuryAnd we are armed to the teethWe’re all working together nowTo make our lives mercifully brief.And school kids keep trying to teach usWhat guns are all aboutConfused liberty with weaponryAnd watch your kids act … Continue reading

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you should have told me what plan b was

Dear Ma: Happy Mother’s Day! I hope Rick showed up and is making you laugh. There were a bunch of Dr Peppers at his going away party, so maybe he was able to sneak one in for you. I suspect … Continue reading

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