Malcolm forecasted this flood

The sun is setting on the century
And we are armed to the teeth
We’re all working together now
To make our lives mercifully brief.
And school kids keep trying to teach us
What guns are all about
Confused liberty with weaponry
And watch your kids act it out.
— the prophet ani

I love running because it gives me time to think, to let my mind wander, to solve the world’s problems, if only in my head.

Except on days like this.

19 elementary school kids and two teachers. just days before a hard-earned summer vacation. I can only imagine what the horror was like. for them, their classmates, their families, our nation.

I pass the flags on the campus on the reservation where I’m running loops, dutifully lowered to half staff, a gesture no more futile than any other. Thoughts and prayers. Yeah, right.

On days like this one, running doesn’t seem important. I trudge through the miles because i promised Coach Amy I would, but my heart’s not in it.

My heart’s in a little town back home in Texas, and it’s totally broken.




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2 Responses to Malcolm forecasted this flood

  1. Moose says:

    Agreed Gary. This is heartbreaking.

  2. Jen Knapp says:

    Devastating and unacceptable.

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