keep me in your heart a while

Hold me in your thoughts
Take me to your dreams
Touch me as I fall into view
When the winter comes
Keep the fires lit
And I will be right next to you
— warren william zevon

Many years ago, Rick was obsessed with getting the red van’s odometer past 200,000 miles. Many caliche outings and Kerrville Folk Festivals later, it didn’t quite make it.

He would have turned 68 today, in what I always thought would be the beginning of his third act. Damn early deadlines.

Enjoy every sandwich, the prophet Zevon said. Bask in the bluebonnets, unleash the puns, have a second Dr Pepper. Because you never know.

Rick and the van sputtered out way too soon, but they had some fine adventures along the way. I hope they’re on a dusty road somewhere, searching for the marfa lights or a moon pie or a column. Surely heaven has spellcheck.

Happy birthday. I miss you.

your dear and worthless brother

I’m almost certain that’s not a purse.

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1 Response to keep me in your heart a while

  1. Ronald Lane says:

    I’ve got that cd.
    Here’s to heaven having a better spellcheck than the one i disabled. Assuming so.

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