please, no more therapy

But he just took polaroids
Of her smile in the light

— the prophet shawn colvin

I’m halfway around the mad dog loop when I see them coming. A flock of geese soars just above me, a silent v in perfect formation.

I fumble to get out my phone, lightning reflexes allowing me to get a photo of them about 2 miles later as they wave goodbye.

Maybe it’s better just to take snapshots with your mind.

There are no seasons here, no changing leaves and fireplace smoke wafting through the air. 100 degrees and change as September fades away, the heat unfazed by the setting sun. Still, the characters in my nightly play are all performing.

A huge guy, tattooed head, with a minuscule chihuahua. The singing guy with the floppy hat. A pink panorama of cotton candy clouds. Tiny girl in pigtails on a scooter, her brother following with a soccer ball ballet. Big tire bikes, neon runners. Photos everywhere, if only in my head.

As I get slower and running morphs into strolling, maybe that’s the secret. Stop worrying and enjoy the show. Metaphorical polaroids.

But dang. You should have seen those geese.

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