i will be right next to you

Shadows are fallin’
and I’m runnin’ out of breath
Keep me in your heart for a while.
If I leave you it doesn’t mean
I love you any less
Keep me in your heart for a while.

— warren zevon

What do you do when the funeral is a thousand miles away? You go for a run.

The Racing Piñata and I hit the trails. Mo and the Studio Cat made art (she and Uncle Bob shared a love of clay.) Our friend Gumbo and the Gumbettes donned mustaches, ran and walked, hunted for flowers and followed rules that required stomping when you hear a dog and tweeting when you hear a bird. Just because.

“Caroline, why are we doing this again?”

“Because somebody Uncle Gary loves passed away, and this will help him feel better.”

And it did. I hope it helped everyone who took part in the Bobby Peiser Fun Run in the Sun.

I’m sorry I wasn’t there. But I’m glad that in a way, he was here, running next to me on a crazy hot day that could have been West Texas if you hallucinate just right.

Awkward sideways hugs to everyone. And huge thanks to Lacy for continuing the family Run in the Sun tradition as San Angelo race director AND overall winner!

“When you wake up in the morning
and you see that crazy sun
keep me in your heart awhile.”

Bye, Uncle Bob. We will.

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3 Responses to  i will be right next to you

  1. geedee says:

    Just want to say – you seem to have had the most amazing people in your life. I wish I had known them all.

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