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keep me in your heart a while

Hold me in your thoughtsTake me to your dreamsTouch me as I fall into viewWhen the winter comesKeep the fires litAnd I will be right next to you— warren william zevon— Many years ago, Rick was obsessed with getting the … Continue reading

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just another morning conversation, part 88

Mo to Cat: “How’s it going, Fluffbucket?” Me to Mo: “Did you just call the cat Fluffbucket?” Mo to me: “No. I said Fluffbudget. Fluffbucket isn’t a cat name.” Cat to nobody in particular: “How did I get stuck with … Continue reading

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another one gone and another one gone

Are you ready heyare you ready for this?Are you hangingon the edge of your seat?— the prophet john deacon__ I am a Bad Person. I see the poster after making the turn on the gumbo loop. Lost bird. His name … Continue reading

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early morning in a bar that faces a giant car wash

All you need to know about Mo: a photo essay. We asked our cat to hang on through Christmas. We’re now a few day away from the Fourth of July. BK is increasingly fragile on her slow march toward the … Continue reading

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old boxes of corn flakes

Success is survivaland you toughed it out.— the prophet michael martin murphey— In the end, they finished pretty much as I suspected they would: magnificently. Mild Sauce, unassuming as she crossed, no big celebration, her emotions betrayed only by a … Continue reading

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