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no, they didn’t play mr. tambourine man

If you want to take a respite from a pandemic, sit for a day with no internet, no phone, no responsibilities, and watch birds. From elf owls to vultures, you remember we’re just a part of nature; no more and … Continue reading

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brothers, part 28

I guess he’s doing ok these days. I haven’t seen him since covid messed everything up, and secondhand reports aren’t the same as looking into his eyes, hoping to see for a fleeting second that he’s still in there somewhere … Continue reading

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just another morning conversation, part 83

While listening to music … mo: Who is this? me: Trout Fishing In America. You like? mo: They probably sound great using headphones. You should try. Note to self: No highbrow music before mo has had her eighth cup of … Continue reading

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my new roommate

“Every day there was something new to mournand something old to celebrate:Civilization had learned this long agoand continued to remind us. Was that whatthe biker had meant? I moved toward the buffet table.”— Lorrie Moore, “Bark” — His name’s Elmo. … Continue reading

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things i wish i had said, part 92

“As soon as I realized there was no point in doing what I was doing, I felt like I could finally start in earnest.” — todd snider

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