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mr. pants’ guide to a delicious summer treat ©

Summer is here. Well, sort of. We live in Arizona,where summer never actually leaves. That can mean only one thing:Mr. Pants’ Guide to a Delicious Summer Treat @in six easy steps. 1. Peel one (1) banana.(Mr. Pants’ Banana Peeler © … Continue reading

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too loud to see

“And now, it — all of it — is too much. Too hot. Too bright to hear. Too loud to see. And with no way to turn it down, there is no sleep, nothing to stop the onslaught.”— Juliann Garey, … Continue reading

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what does that mean in kung fu?

“Hold my nuts.”— the prophet Uncle Drew— “HEY!! YOU!! COME OVER HERE,” he yells at us. I’m thinking we’re going to die. He’s large and muscular. It’s dark and scary. I keep Mo in front of me, just in case. … Continue reading

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just another morning conversation, part 82

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You’ve had to hide sometimes, but now you’re all right

Looking through some photographs I found inside a drawerI was taken by a photograph of you.— the prophet jackson browne— She watches me go by every seven and a half minutes on the arts center loop. A neutral expression, sitting … Continue reading

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