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24 frames too many

jason isbell: “This is how you make yourself vanish into nothing.”   mo: “oh, you poor thing. whatever.” switches to joni mitchell. who is never whiny at all.   on the bright side, jason isbell turned out to be prophetic.

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who are you now?

how many times undone can one person be as they’re careening through the facade of their favorite fantasy — the prophet ani difranco

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Mo has finally become a Texan

me: What was that address? mo: I was just fixin’ to look it up. pause. mo: OH MY GOD I JUST SAID FIXIN’ TO. OH MY GOD. howdy, y’all …

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My deer wife

Longtime readers will recall that one of our greatest marital rifts came on Mo’s first visit to Texas when she discovered bags of deer corn outside a convenience store in Llano. When I explained that deer hunters use it to … Continue reading

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Barney and me

rejoice! rejoice! we  have no choice but to carry on. — the evil stephen stills — You know you’re in a small town when you hit pause on the Garmin while running to sit and watch a cop pulling peeps … Continue reading

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ad for room in movie: Rooms $6 a week. No cowboys. me: Why don’t they want cowboys? mo: Cowboys are smelly. me: Why are they smelly? mo: You’ll have to wait for my next children’s book: “Why are Cowboys Smelly?” … Continue reading

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Now he’s gone too far

On his Twitter account, Lance posted this yesterday: Back in Austin and just layin’ around… Yikes! This is an outrage that goes soooo far over the line that you have to lose whatever respect you once had for the guy. … Continue reading

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