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24 frames too many

jason isbell: “This is how you make yourself vanish into nothing.”   mo: “oh, you poor thing. whatever.” switches to joni mitchell. who is never whiny at all.   on the bright side, jason isbell turned out to be prophetic.

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who are you now?

how many times undone can one person be as they’re careening through the facade of their favorite fantasy — the prophet ani difranco

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Mo has finally become a Texan

me: What was that address? mo: I was just fixin’ to look it up. pause. mo: OH MY GOD I JUST SAID FIXIN’ TO. OH MY GOD. howdy, y’all …

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My deer wife

Longtime readers will recall that one of our greatest marital rifts came on Mo’s first visit to Texas when she discovered bags of deer corn outside a convenience store in Llano. When I explained that deer hunters use it to … Continue reading

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Barney and me

rejoice! rejoice! we  have no choice but to carry on. — the evil stephen stills — You know you’re in a small town when you hit pause on the Garmin while running to sit and watch a cop pulling peeps … Continue reading

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