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You wake up. It’s cold. You turn on the news. Why do you always turn on the news? You go to make oatmeal. After 61 years of Quaker Oats, Mo has bought you an organic brand. Fortunately it still comes … Continue reading

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Of socialism and long-jump pits

It’s 6 a.m. I’m asleep. Apparently Mo is not. She rolls over and asks if I think socialism is destined to replace capitalism because of the rise of the global market. I’m not making this up. Grxxflmbbbbb … is my … Continue reading

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Damn Haile G.

As Brian (one of Margarine’s biggest financial supporters over the last few decades) pointed out, Geb is back. So here’s my limping return as well. Haile G. apparently was intimidated by the Ethiopian government. I was coerced by Mo Sheppo, … Continue reading

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Are you calling me a chicken?

We are watching ESPN, which is doing an interview with Lousville basketball coach Rick Patino (Mo points out that he LOOKS like a Rick Patino. I’m scared to ask what that means.) The interviewer brings up the name of their … Continue reading

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Gourmet or may not

Left on my own for dinner tonight, I found a microwavable chicken breast in the freezer. It had a lot of complicated instructions about setting the microwave at 50 percent power (good luck with that — I spent 15 minutes … Continue reading

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