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the new nike shoes: a review

Well, sure. I was curious. Would those new Nike shoes make me faster? They were touted as being significantly better than the competition. A Fancy Pants Patent (US No. 3783750) protected the technology from interlopers, whatever an interloper is. And … Continue reading

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i thought about the army

In this time of introspection. On the eve of my election, I say to my reflection God, please spare me more rejection. — the prophet folds They’re standing at the corner, the starting line of the Gumbo 5K, although I … Continue reading

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why i hate the coronado track’s rules

■ No spikes longer than 1/4 inch are allowed. ■ No gum or sunflower seeds are allowed. ■ No tobacco products are allowed. ■ No food or drinks are allowed. ■ No unaccompanied penguins are allowed. ■ No wheeled vehicles … Continue reading

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he blames the king of denmark. who does that?

“Are you running the marathon?” he asks. I know this conversation will not go well. Mo and I are standing next to a Phoenix/Mesa Marathon sign on the way back from Usery, shooting a photo. It’s for our friend Gwen, … Continue reading

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carlos is alive and well in argentina

Not to yield says it all. the enduring, the surviving, does not stop with age. — the prophet sheehan I’m not sure about Uncle Hal. 35 bucks seems to have gotten me the running plan equivalent of Panda Express fortune … Continue reading

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