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arrrrgh indeed

i always wondered what the old saying “beware putting pirate eyepatches on dogs arrrrrgh” meant. now we know. when you go into a store to buy a couple of eyepatches and your sister-in-law comes walking out with two sombreros and … Continue reading

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lost in translation

It’s 4 in the morning. Or maybe 5. I’m not sure what time zone I’m in. Did we spring forward? I think my spring may be broken. I’ve been driving for six or seven hours, which in dog years doesn’t … Continue reading

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my life as a hipster dog

The track was closed today because the track is always closed. That’s not new. What IS new is that the dog park was closed because of the Great Storm of 2019. But fear not — the dogs just moved the … Continue reading

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i don’t need a skywriter to make grafitti in your sky

The sunrise always listens Sometime she even finishes My sentences — the prophet westerberg

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things i wish i had said, part 76

“More people have climbed Mt. Everest than piñatas have pretty much done anything.” — J. Ralston, adventurer extraordinaire They don’t know what they’re missing.

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