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seriously. NO recollection of what her record was.

whew. after a week of avoiding the internet and the inevitable spoilers that lurk there, i finally watched the big movie last night. and all i can say is WOW! you go into an event like that with high expectations, worried … Continue reading

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it’s not easy being green

“Only WICKED witches are ugly.” — Glenda, the Judgmental Witch of the North  

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a night at the ritz

We’re at Art Walk, the first Friday of each month where you walk around looking at other people walking around looking at you while wondering why there’s no art. This one’s a little different because it’s Dia de los Infantes, … Continue reading

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12 miles (13:36)

I sort of want to barf. And that makes me happy. As it turns out, today’s 14 miler was only 12 miles. Damn those short courses. Although this was on a treadmill, which makes it a bit harder to explain. … Continue reading

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Definitive proof there is a just and loving God

Mo: “I give up. I can’t find the channel the Jane Austen movie is on. Do you want to watch the football game instead?”

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Things I wish I had said, Part 15

“It’s like riding a psychotic horse toward a burning stable.” — Armand

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Mi tio Boni toca en la orquestra

We live in a racially diverse neighborhood. This results in Mo, who speaks very little Spanish, spending a lot of time at work waving, pointing and smiling as she tries to help poor souls who are unable to communicate. Now I know … Continue reading

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