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Now he’s gone too far

On his Twitter account, Lance posted this yesterday: Back in Austin and just layin’ around… Yikes! This is an outrage that goes soooo far over the line that you have to lose whatever respect you once had for the guy. … Continue reading

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Things I wish I had said, Part 20

“Winning is about heart, not just legs. It’s got to be in the right place.” — Lance Armstrong — Downside: I’m bummed by the whole Lance thing. It’s hard to lose a hero. This is just like when we found … Continue reading

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Dear Lance

Please just come out and tell the truth. Get it over with and go have a beer. Or a lot of beers. Enough. I stood out in the rain in Atlanta in 1996 to watch you go by for three … Continue reading

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Dear Lance

I apologize profusely for thinking you were guilty. Or I can’t believe you got away with it. Maybe both. Maybe neither. I will always carry the memory of watching you streak by at the 1996 Olympic time trial. One of … Continue reading

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