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the new nike shoes: a review

Well, sure. I was curious. Would those new Nike shoes make me faster? They were touted as being significantly better than the competition. A Fancy Pants Patent (US No. 3783750) protected the technology from interlopers, whatever an interloper is. And … Continue reading

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brothers, part 23

“I’m glad you’re here!” I was caught off guard as i walked back into the house after phoning Mo from the porch. He had been eating breakfast, saw me through the window, and came walking around to the door. I’m … Continue reading

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i have no idea where my beanie is

By the time we found the muskrat it was smelling pretty strong we were running in a thong that caused abrasion. — the prophet joni mitchell There has been much hoopla in the Mainstream Media recently about some concert that … Continue reading

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