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but maybe avoid the cabeza taco

there is so much joy in going late at night to a little food truck in the hispanic neighborhood near work. ordering food when you don’t have any idea what it is. being the only two whiteys around and having … Continue reading

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The Dave Schultz Memorial Pi Pie Tri Yi Yi

It seemed so simple in theory. Eat one third of a pie, run a mile, eat another third, run another mile, eat the last third, run 3.14 miles wearing a Dave Schultz mask and toting a pinyata. What could go … Continue reading

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the thanksgiving guest who never left

Mo made Thanksgiving dinner last year. I think it was in November, although I never wrote the date down. We have a short agenda when it comes to Thanksgiving. Turkey, dressing/and or potatoes, cranberry sauce that we usually forget, corn, … Continue reading

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skittles and me

i grew up with m&ms. the straight-up chocolate no frills no peanuts no pretzels no peanut butter just chocolate thank you very much variety. growing up in west texas, you appreciate the candy shell. a hershey bar melts on the … Continue reading

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living in a cell

they’re on a date. i guess. we’re eating at a trendy lunch place. i’m not sure what trendy means, other than my pimiento cheese sandwich costs 10 bucks and there are an obscene number of art-deco elvis paintings. but mo … Continue reading

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don’t cry over spilled milk

what to do when your cereal bowl flips over in  your chair? the solution seemed obvious. stuff it into the crack in the side of the chair and go on with your life. in my defense, i was without caffeine, … Continue reading

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i finally got a cordless mouse at work

 having given up running forever, i was in desperate need of a new form of exercise. and i think i’ve stumbled upon it: STEP AEROBICS! It targets a different set of muscles than running, it is an effective way of going … Continue reading

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