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Life is funny, part 374

We’re wandering around the Desert Botanical Garden. A pleasant day in May in that Summer is Just Around the Corner kind of way. The cactus are blooming, the baby quail are scurrying, the butterflies are flittering. A good day. We … Continue reading

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brothers, part 1

It wasn’t supposed to end this way. I’m trying to think back to when I first met him. I suppose we were both very young. He was a couple of years older, but I was way more clever, so it … Continue reading

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the best thing about training plans

the best thing about training plans is that they make you do stuff you don’t want to do. today is a 6-mile run at race pace. i worked late last night. i welcomed christmas eve with the remains of the … Continue reading

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after 59 years of trying to save the world, it’s increasingly apparent I will be switching careers. As it turns out, the world wasn’t particularly interested in being saved. Who knew?   I worry I’m too old to get a job.  … Continue reading

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dear new york times

Hi. I hope all is well and you’ve come to grips with that whole Times Square body-painting thing. But that’s not why I’m writing. I’m sure by now you’ve noticed I’m no longer following you on Instagram. Please know it … Continue reading

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pop candy

“Hearing bands that never got played on the radio, reading books banned by our school library, seeing films that had been dubbed from tape to tape to tape — those electric jolts of discovery woke me up. The more stuff … Continue reading

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Just another morning conversation, part 42

mo: Editors are so $@&*!!! literal. They don’t get that the more literal you are, the less people understand. me: I don’t understand.

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