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i wonder if jesus has a ponytail now

mo: look at this painting of jesus. me: wow. he’s a handsome devil. i hope hell has mexican food. i bet the enchies have onions.

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Wasn’t Hoover in Animal House?

I know there’s a word for this I know cause it’s in the dictionary And when I find what it is I’ll write it down in case it comes up again I’ll be certain to avoid it — the prophet … Continue reading

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space monkey and me: the epilogue

he’s watching me.  waiting. i thought i was giving him a home. i didn’t know i was taking him from the only one he’d ever known.  he had lived his entire life with the Artist. i know how much artists love … Continue reading

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space monkey and me

the philosopher aristotle once proclaimed: “everybody has something to hide except me and my monkey.” but nobody ever hid HIS monkey. it began innocently enough. i was at a gallery event at which they ply you with alcohol so you … Continue reading

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