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It must suck to be a monkey

This just in from the NYT’s Gina Kolata (so it must be true): Eating an extremely limited-calorie diet won’t make you live longer. Maybe. The sad part is that the study was done on a bunch of monkeys. Pack of … Continue reading

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Things I wish I had said, Part 16

But it’s your life You can decorate it As you like — Ben Folds

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Just another conversation with the florist

shirley: Hi. This is Shirley Floral. You placed an order with us and I just have a couple of questions. me: OK. shirley: We’re in San Angelo, but your delivery address says Washington. me: Um, no, it should be Texas. … Continue reading

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Warning: You’ll be humming the Brady Bunch theme all day

Longtime readers will recall Mo’s tendency to put a red-and-white striped shirt on much of her artwork. Maybe you remember this one (which was featured in the Foster Parent Tool Book!) Or this one (featured on marathon shirts everywhere) Or … Continue reading

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The day Rudolph visited H-E-B

Longtime readers will recall that I’m a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas. I just don’t get it. So I’m not sure how we ended up in the neighborhood H-E-B, the grocery store where Mo works, amid … Continue reading

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My humble prayer

If I have to die in a storm, please don’t let it be in a storm named Don. Amen. Pass the waffles.

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Moostachio Basheeo: The Epilogue

Longtime readers will recall the Moostachio Basheeo, in which runners were asked to wear a fake mustache in a real race and submit a photo. The contest was judged by two nice people. End of story. But I recently received … Continue reading

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