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i can’t breathe

I’m sitting on the bench next to the front door of the store. I don’t feel like a criminal. Mo texted and asked me to bring her jacket over. She’s in the cold room, she wrote. Just knock on the door. … Continue reading

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Breakfast tips, part 2

Don’t eat a hot dog for breakfast. That’s what Mo did today. I have no idea why, and I’m scared to ask her hard questions before noon. Maybe it’s a Seattle thing. Makes Rice Chex and Frozen Peas sound pretty … Continue reading

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Possibly my last post

Mo, in a misguided frenzy, sprayed Raid all over the kitchen counter in the wee hours today. She mentioned that to me at some point this morning. Sadly, this morning was a long time ago. I just ate Panda Puffs … Continue reading

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