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Starry Starry night Paint your palette blue and gray — the prophet don mclean — I think I saw Herman today. You know him. OK, you don’t. But you know someone like him. Or you should. I was coming off … Continue reading

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Mr. Pants’ Guide to Thanksgiving

‘Tis the season. Mr. Pants once worked at a newspaper* where the news editor would buy pizza for all the copy editors if nobody used ’tis the season in a headline through the holidays. The problem being, by the time … Continue reading

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You wake up. It’s cold. You turn on the news. Why do you always turn on the news? You go to make oatmeal. After 61 years of Quaker Oats, Mo has bought you an organic brand. Fortunately it still comes … Continue reading

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six women vs. the aau. guess who won?

The photo is from 1972. Taken by Patrick A. Burns of the New York Times, it depicts six women sitting at the starting line of the New York City Marathon. And that’s how my history lesson began. Of course, I … Continue reading

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must be because i had the blues for christmas

I’m not giving in an inch to fear ‘Cause I’ve promised myself this year — the prophet david crosby — doctor: Hello. me: YOU GOT A BIG BOY HAIRCUT!!! doctor: I’m about to turn 61. I thought it was time. … Continue reading

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love doesn’t belong to anyone

Well, I’ve been praying a lot lately  It’s because I no longer have a TV  — the prophet mark eitzel — Char and I are walking from the parking lot to the track. It’s early evening, that magical time between … Continue reading

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my pack

Pancho needs your prayers it’s true, But save a few for Lefty too He only did what he had to do, And now he’s growing old — the prophet van zandt — OK if I bring my backpack along? The … Continue reading

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