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Wasn’t Hoover in Animal House?

I know there’s a word for this I know cause it’s in the dictionary And when I find what it is I’ll write it down in case it comes up again I’ll be certain to avoid it — the prophet … Continue reading

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someone to watch over me

Mo says it’s OK if I use her computer. I mostly use my phone these days, the way we kids tend to do, and I have a little computer you operate by pulling the string and listening to the barnyard … Continue reading

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Mo Sheppo’s iPhone adventures

Mo just composed a long text message to a co-worker. Her new iPhone spell-checked and edited for her. When it was done, her message said simply: “OK Mormon.” Mo’s response to her iPhone would have to be heavily spell-checked and … Continue reading

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The first sign Mo is bonding with her iPhone 5

Today she’s just referring to it as the “freaking” iPhone. Baby steps.

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My iPhone 5 Review

I love my new iPhone 5. It’s sleek, light, big screen, packed with features. My previous phone was a Malibu Barbie model which only had buttons to dial 911 and Ken, so this is a quantum leap. Yes, I always … Continue reading

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