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just another work conversation, part 25

co-worker: How old are you? me: I’m about to turn 58. co-worker: Wow. That’s the exact same age as my dad! Sigh. Maybe I’ll get a Father’s Day gift.

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What the Fourth of July means to me. An essay.

I can wear shorts to work. The end. That was not much of an essay. I should probably stick to interpretive dancing.

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Running Mojo. But not Running Mojojojo.

I finally dragged out the small fanny pack today so I can tote a bit of water. Which means: The Triumphant Return of the Trail Monkey! Sure, he’s a little peeved that our “trail” is an asphalt loop around the … Continue reading

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Never run in a neighborhood full of Zombie Raccoons

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. But Tuesday runs are not my favorite. People in my neighborhood have an odd ritual. They keep all their garbage in big containers for days and days. Then they bring them out on Tuesday morning and … Continue reading

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Life’s mysteries

Estonia? Really? If you are from Estonia and reading this, please say hey. I don’t know many people from Estonia. OK, I don’t know many people from ANYWHERE. But I long for the cachet that would come from bringing up … Continue reading

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Why Heart Monitors Suck: An Essay

Under my Training Strategy of the Week, I’ve been running 10-minute miles. My scheme is to get comfy with a 10-minute pace and then expand the number of miles (as opposed to running more miles more slowly). I was up … Continue reading

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Mohawk Boy vs. The Evil Kim Jong Il: The dramatic conclusion

The facts as we know them: 1. Mohawk Boy embarks on a mission to avenge the loss of the Day-Glo Orange Lightweight Racing Soup Ladle (anything else is just a big spoon) Ninja Model©, which is believed to have been … Continue reading

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