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Mohawk Boy vs. The Evil Kim Jong Il: The dramatic conclusion

The facts as we know them: 1. Mohawk Boy embarks on a mission to avenge the loss of the Day-Glo Orange Lightweight Racing Soup Ladle (anything else is just a big spoon) Ninja Model©, which is believed to have been … Continue reading

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Car Talk (first names only, please)

Q. After buying gas in the parking lot of a truck stop, you notice a puddle under your car. Maybe it’s just water from condensation, but you want to make sure. You: 1. Stick your finger in it and taste … Continue reading

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Work conversation, Part 20

me: By my calculations, if you read two stories a minute nonstop for the next hour, we will only miss deadline by 15 minutes. co-worker: Whatever. I want to say “Away with the manger” in my headline. Can you make … Continue reading

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Just stay off my lawn

Email this week from a city editor who works with my brother Rick: “Oh, and speaking of the 70s, Rick brought his 1976 yearbook to work last week. Did you know you both attended ASU at the same time my … Continue reading

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Mo’s dark secret

There is one thing about Mo to which I am sworn to absolute secrecy. And this is it. She stands up while she puts on her shoes. Always. I find this to be totally baffling. Maybe it’s because she grew … Continue reading

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Work conversation, Part 15

Co-worker: What’s wrong with your foot? Me: I’ve got a nasty blister on the bottom of it from running. Co-worker: No, the other foot. Me: Oh. I always walk that way because I have a bum knee from running. Co-worker: … Continue reading

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Suddenly those $120 marathon entry fees sound cheap

From today’s NYT: The Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, a 28.5-mile circumnavigation held each June, has sold out its spots in less than two hours the last few years, says Morty Berger, founder of NYC Swim, which organizes the event (and charges solo … Continue reading

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