The Dancing Bananas, part 1

Back in a previous incarnation, Char and I were a vaudeville act, a largely overlooked duo playing the Milwaukee circuit for cheap beer and free Packers tickets.

So the formation of The Dancing Bananas should come as no surprise. I must dress as a piece of fruit, a veggie or a squash (like anyone would ever dress as a squash) for a mile run. Char was urged by her doctor to wear a costume for her next round of chemo. The obvious solution: bananas.

Comedy isn’t easy. The banana costumes are much more difficult to master than you would think. There are three holes for your head and your arms, and apparently it makes a difference which one you choose for your head. But after several tries and running into each other constantly, we were ready.

The only question left was the appropriate show tune. We settled on the old showstopper from our former Vaudeville show, “Yes, He Drives Us Bananas,” an homage to the president.

Char, being a longtime radio darling, totally choked her TV appearance as she tried to dance, move her arms, sing and avoid me running into her at the same time. I, of course, was brilliant.

Still ahead: The Great Halloween Dash of 2017, and the Banana Chemo Extravaganza. Mayo has a piano player in the lobby. I’m guessing all we need is a good accompanist for this to come together.

You never know where life’s roads will take you. The important this is that go down them in a banana costume. Curtains up. Bring on the Packers tickets.

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