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Possibly my last post

Mo, in a misguided frenzy, sprayed Raid all over the kitchen counter in the wee hours today. She mentioned that to me at some point this morning. Sadly, this morning was a long time ago. I just ate Panda Puffs … Continue reading

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Our new home, much like our old home, encourages people who live in houses to recycle. While making it nearly impossible for people who live in apartments to recycle. Adding insult to injury, a large recycling bin blocked my running … Continue reading

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cat and mouse

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Disappearing act

Sign that you haven’t full recovered from the vermin: I’m running the neighborhood loop, pacing myself behind a female runner who is about 100 yards ahead of me. All is well. Then she disappears. As in, vanishes. Middle of the … Continue reading

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Work conversations, Part 4

My e-mail to co-workers: “I have cleared my edition, so I am now available for page proofing and light housework.” Response: “Do you do windows?” Me: “No, only Macs.” Response: “But we work on PCs.” Me: “Can I go home … Continue reading

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Just another beanball

An e-mail from my brother regarding my Skype meeting with the editors in San Angelo: Tim: “I finally saw your brother today during the budget meeting.” Me: “Oh yeah?” Tim: “He’s not what I expected.” Me: “Oh?” Tim: “That bald … Continue reading

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The art of advertising

Brother the Elder is an old-school journalist, meaning he is allowed to swill tequila throughout his shift. This is evidenced by a barrage of emails I am receiving from him today in which he cannot stop saying Walla Walla Walla … Continue reading

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