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mo still keeps books on her nightstand. that’s why i love her. that, and her Secret Taco Recipe. ok, mostly that second one. Advertisements

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talk like a pirate yin/yang

yin: i find myself at the home depot, not even having realized i was lost. mo is buying spray paint to support her habit, so i’m wandering aimlessly. until i see it. it’s parked in front of the store. not … Continue reading

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he’s a doctor, so it MUST work

mo is in pain and sent me to the store. among all the high-tech stuff, i found DR. J.H. MCLEAN’S VOLCANIC OIL!!!!!!!!! i think it was still on the shelf from 1835, back before product liability suits changed things. best … Continue reading

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once upon a masterpiece

  it’s called masterpiece in a day. you go out on the street and paint something, ingesting red bull and big red because it’s before noon and besides. red. have you ever SEEN a mo painting? our friend tinker came … Continue reading

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skittles and me

i grew up with m&ms. the straight-up chocolate no frills no peanuts no pretzels no peanut butter just chocolate thank you very much variety. growing up in west texas, you appreciate the candy shell. a hershey bar melts on the … Continue reading

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tommy and me

i didn’t know tommy. we grew up in different neighborhoods. i lived near davy crockett elementary in san angelo. tommy grew up in the bronx. but i read about him today. when he was 7 years old, he tried to … Continue reading

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just another work conversation, part 28

me: i don’t think it’s safe that all the copy editors are sitting next to each other today. what if there’s a bomb? the entire rim would be wiped out. co-worker 1: maybe you should spread out across the room. … Continue reading

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