christmas loophole

If your Christmas tree has a space monkey on it, you can leave it up indefinitely.

Or at least until the space monkey runs out of banana Tang.

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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3 Responses to christmas loophole

  1. I just got sucked into your 2016 space monkey adventures, is he still with you and what happened to Big Boy? In fact who was he?

    • gary says:

      hi. yes, Space Monkey is alive and well. If you go to the jan. 1, 2020, entry, you can sorta see him in the far left. he’s blurry, but then so is everyone on jan. 1.

      Big Boy was another sculpture (if you google “bob’s big boy” you can see what he looks like) by The Artist. They were inseparable buddies who got separated when our pal Cheryl procured him. I think he still resides in texas, although i get nervous whenever there’s a tiny knock at the door and eerie music commences.

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