What do you do when your knee is killing you and you’re reduced to running in yellow marshmallow shoes and a pair of padded socks from the 1952 New York City Marathon?

The answer, of course, is bunny ears. Lots and lots of bunny ears.

Still, a beautiful day, finally temps in the low 80s, and a traffic cop on the corner who didn’t give me a ticket for jaylimping. What more could you ask for? Well, sure, a pony, but that would require four more marshmallow shoes, and those things are really expensive. And I have no idea if GU comes in hay flavor.

I don’t know if the Hokas helped or not. I ran once in the 110s on pavement in San Angelo over the weekend, and it seems like the results were almost exactly the same. Even if it cured things, I can’t imagine running in them regularly. There’s just no joy in running on a mattress. Unless it’s in Chubby’s Mattress Store in Corpus. Mo would like that.

The knee was good for exactly a mile before the ice pick showed up. This may be a sign that I’m destined to become a miler. Or maybe a bunny. After reading 922 opinions that the best cure for this is rest, I came across one that said it was OK to run till it hurts and then walk it in. So that’s what I’m doing. It was on the Internet. It must be true.

The takeaway: I love running. Or walking. Or limping or whatever relentless forward motion gets me a couple of feet ahead of where I was a minute ago. I just have to figure out what the motion will be.

One day of running in a row …


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2 Responses to jaylimping

  1. jenster says:

    Sounds like the start of a streak!!

    P.S. I like my bunnies with cotton ball tails.

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